43 insurance companies were awarded the first batch of 110 m

Compared with funds, brokerages and other institutions, although the amount of insurance funds hit the new board is not high, but the new enthusiasm is high. According to the data of Oriental Fortune Choice, a total of 43 insurance companies (excluding insurance asset management companies) appeared in the list of 25 listed companies, and they have been allocated nearly 110 million shares. The total amount is about 11.8. 100 million yuan.

With the general increase in the stock of Science and Technology Co., Ltd. on July 22, the insurance capital also nearly doubled its floating profit. "Securities Daily" reporters conservatively estimated that Xinguang Optoelectronics (84.22%), which had the lowest increase rate of 25 Science and Technology Board companies on July 22, had a new single-day floating profit of more than 1.008 billion yuan; On the 22nd, the average increase (139.6%) calculated that the total amount of insurance funds reached 1.6 billion yuan.

A person in charge of equity investment in a life insurance company said that the company's allocated funds in the science and technology board accounted for a small amount of the total investment assets. Therefore, even if the market fluctuates greatly, it will not be the year-round. Investment income has an impact. In his view, the investment style of Kechuang Board is quite similar to that of the previous GEM. As a long-term fund, the focus of investment in the board is to focus on the growth of fundamentals and dilute short-term fluctuations.

Insurers were allocated nearly 1.2 billion yuan

Oriental Fortune Choice data showed that a total of 43 insurance companies (excluding insurance asset management companies) appeared in the first batch of 25 companies in the Science and Technology Board. In the stock placement list, the amount allocated was approximately 1.18 billion yuan.

From the perspective of different insurance companies, life insurance companies are the most active in creating new boards, with 23 in the list of placements, including Anbang Life, Centennial Life, Everbright Life, Soochow Life, and the country. China Life, Hengan Standard Life, Huaxia Life, Jixiang Life, Minsheng Life, Qianhai Life, Shanghai Life, Taikang Life, Tianan Life, Xinhua Life, Happy Life, Sunshine Life, Ping An Life, China Life Insurance, Pacific Life Insurance, China United Life insurance, China Life Insurance, Zhujiang Life, Guolian Life Insurance.

There are also 10 property insurance companies appearing in the Placing Company's placing list, including Huaan Property Insurance, Asia Pacific P&C Insurance, Sunshine Property Insurance, China Re P&C Insurance, Dadi Property Insurance, and China Life Insurance. Taibao Property Insurance, China United Property Insurance, Zhongan Online, Zijin Property Insurance. The pension insurance companies that play the new science and technology board include Anbang pension, safe old-age care, and Taiping pension. Health insuranceThe company is healthy and Kunlun health. In addition, in terms of group companies, four insurance group companies including China Re Group, PICC Group, China Life Group and China United Group and China Life Reinsurance also appeared on the Placing List of Kechuang Board.

From the perspective of the amount allocated, large insurance companies were awarded a higher amount, of which Taikang Life Insurance took the top spot with 320 million yuan; Taibao Life Insurance ranked second with a total of 128 million yuan. In addition, China Life Insurance and Xinhua Insurance have been allocated 100 million yuan each as a strategic investor.

Overall, large-scale insurance companies such as listed insurance companies are more active than small and medium-sized insurance companies, and their participation channels are broader. For example, listed insurance companies can use their life insurance company accounts, property and casualty company accounts, pension insurance company accounts, and asset management company accounts to participate in the stock placement of Science and Technology.

From the point of view of the company with the largest amount of insurance assets allocated by Science and Technology, the data shows that the accumulated investment of the company has exceeded 500 million yuan, while the remaining 24 stocks have obtained the investment amount of insurance companies. Both are below 100 million yuan. On July 22, the traffic control technology rose by 134%.

The size of the insurance investment board is relatively small

Although all insurance companies have a higher enthusiasm for the investment in the board, from the current amount of insurance to the amount of the shares of the company It can be seen that the amount of the KCL's placement amount in the overall insurance investment assets is negligible.

The latest disclosures by the Banking Regulatory Commission show that as of the end of May, the balance of insurance capital use was 17.0238 trillion yuan. From the perspective of large-scale asset allocation, among them, bank deposits reached 2.5558 trillion yuan, bonds reached 5.8012 trillion yuan, and stocks and securities investment funds representing equity investments reached 2.1209 trillion yuan. It can be seen that the current investment in insurance companies in Science and Technology is far less than the “zero” of insurance investment.

Although the current scale is small, the advantages of the insurance investment board are obvious. The company's business model is new and its technology is iterative. Its particularity determines the long-term need for financial support, and the insurance funds just meet this property. In addition, the relevant documents of the science and technology board refer to long-term funds such as insurance funds. Long-term investors have greater pricing power for science and technology companies.

From the attitude of the insurance investment board and the attitude of the insurance investment board, the vice chairman of the China Insurance Regulatory Commission pointed out that the Bank of China Insurance Regulatory Commission supported the insurance capital.The company invested in the stocks of listed companies through the new stock placement, strategic issuance and on-market transactions, and further optimized the insurance asset allocation structure to serve the development of technological innovation enterprises.

Xu Gang, deputy general manager of Taiping Asset Management Co., Ltd. believes that the market-oriented mechanism design of the science and technology board gives capital the pricing power of technology, and long-term institutional investors such as insurance funds can invest in the science and technology board. The advantages and needs are more closely integrated into the national strategy, and the long-term dividends of reform and innovation are better shared in the process of supporting economic restructuring.