Hubei Xintai Insurance: Quick Claims, Warmth

On the afternoon of July 10th, Mr. Qi, a family member of the client, will send a banner with the words “Quick Claims and Honesty, Xintai Service Warmth” to the workplace of Xintai Insurance Hubei Xiaogan Center Branch, and to Xintai Insurance. Claims timeliness and caring service expressed praise.

In January 2018, Ms. Zhu, who lives in Xiaogan District, spent more than 10,000 yuan in hospitalization for appendicitis surgery, and her medical insurance was only reimbursed for 4,000 yuan, which led to her idea of ​​buying insurance. After many parties, Ms. Zhu purchased the Hengtai Lifetime Illness and Love Driving Accident Insurance in Xintai Insurance in July 2018.

I didn't expect the risk to drop. On April 25, 2019, Ms. Zhu suddenly found her voice hoarse. She thought it was on fire and she took the fire-fighting medicine at home, but the symptoms lasted for a month. Improvement, on May 26 to the Xiaogan City Center Hospital, was confirmed as a vocal cord malignancy. At the first time after receiving the claim report, the Zhongzhi claimant was portable and sent to the hospital for visiting and condolences, and informed the family members of the information required for the claim.

On July 1, 2019, the client notified the agent that the relevant claim information was ready, but due to the current weakness, it is necessary to retreat at home, and the middle-wife claims staff can easily collect claims information in the afternoon, in July. The case was accepted on the morning of the 2nd. In order to improve the time limit for claims, the claimants rushed to various investigation sites to complete the relevant investigation work on July 3, and on July 4, the investigation data and investigation report were reported to Xintai Insurance Corporation, and the case was finally 7 At 3 o'clock in the afternoon on the 8th, the total amount of insurance coverage was 200,000 yuan, and the remaining 14 insurance premiums totaled 121,520 yuan. The insurance continued to be effective.

"Fast claims are honest, Xintai service is warm and heart-felt", Xintai Insurance will adhere to the brand concept of "one life, one life and trustworthiness", customer-centered, and provide customers with care, warm heart and patience. Intimate special service.