Shangqiu Insurance Industry held a large-scale blood donatio

Recently, along with the splendid smiles of the last two blood donors, the two-day "concentric building of the Chinese dream, insurance and blood donation to the motherland" - Henan Shangqiu insurance industry large-scale love blood donation activities successfully concluded. Nearly 300 people, including the internal and external employees of the insurance companies, including China Life Insurance and China Life Insurance, and the public, participated in the event. The final 208 people successfully donated 82,700 milliliters of blood, further enriching the blood inventory of Shangqiu, and fully demonstrating the selfless dedication of insurance practitioners. The spirit and the courage to take on the good image of social responsibility have been well received by all parties.

To celebrate the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China, highlighting the theme of the National Insurance Publicity Day “Patriotic Love, Start with a Guarantee”, the Shangqiu Insurance Industry Association organizes members to carry out a series of “7·8 National Insurance” Publicity Day, a publicity campaign, and blood donation as one of them. Upon the issuance of the blood donation proposal, they received positive responses from all member units, and they signed up to participate in the event. They quickly set off a wave of giving blood and passing love. 45 people from PICC P&C signed up and became the company with the largest number of participants. China Life Insurance and China Life Insurance The number of companies involved in insurance, Taiping Life, and Sunshine Life has also exceeded 20.

On the day of the event, Shangqiubao Association organized various member units to go to the blood station in the center of Shangqiu, which is docked in the square, to donate blood. The hot and hot weather did not stop the insurer's enthusiasm for donating blood. The blood donors sweated and the blood donation came from time to time. Registration information, physical examination, everyone has rolled up their sleeves and dedicated their youthful blood. Some of them donated blood for the first time, and the excitement and excitement of devotion to love completely concealed the fear inside. They held high-profile photos to take pictures. The blood donors were calm and calm, and every step of the procedure was well-organized. Wang Qinglin, the general manager of the branch, is one of them. He has insisted on donating blood for more than 20 years and won the gold medal for blood donation. Among the blood donors are young girls and young men, and there are also 58-year-old aunts who are healthy and dedicated to contributing to blood donation. Liu Erhao, head of China Life Insurance Co., Ltd. Qiuzhong Branch, led the company's senior management team and internal and external staff to participate in the dedication. Dong Baoqiang, the head of China's land insurance company Qiuzhong Branch, and Zhang Yanling, general manager of Jianxin Life Insurance Qiuzhong Branch, Li An Life Insurance Mr. Meng Qingkun, the head of Shangqiu Zhongzhi, and He Zhiqiang, the head of the Shangqiu Shangqiu Zhongzhi Branch, also took the lead in participating in blood donation and encouraged employees with practical actions. I heard that the blood donation car is parked in the public.Not far from the Secretary, the insurance agent of the China Life Shangqiu Branch, which had just passed the morning meeting, also rushed to join the blood donation team. The employees who participated in the blood donation said that they donate blood and save others' lives. Like insurance, they have a big love.

It is understood that PICC P&C Insurance, China Life Insurance, Pacific Life Insurance, China Life Insurance, Taiping Life Insurance, Taiping Property Insurance, Fude Life Life, Dadi Property Insurance, Sunshine Life Insurance, Evergrande Life Insurance, Lucky Life, Cheonan Life Insurance, Xinhua Life Insurance, Li'an Life Insurance, Hezhong Life Insurance, Jianxin Life Insurance, Tian'an Property Insurance, Asia Pacific Property Insurance, Guoyuan Agricultural Insurance, Zheshang Property Insurance, Zijin Property Insurance, Yongcheng Property Insurance, Ancheng Property Insurance Second love blood donation activities. The good mental state of the insurance industry and the practical actions of selfless dedication also infected and motivated the public to participate. From time to time, passers-by asked and embarked on blood donation vehicles to contribute their own strength to the public welfare.

Xuan Linlin/Photo Report