Large companies make up for blue-chip small and medium-sized

Insurance funds have recently increased their activity in the stock market. The reporter was informed yesterday that large insurance companies have recently seized the important opportunity of the left-side layout to “replenish” blue-chip stocks; while small and medium-sized insurance companies have joined the group to participate in the new stocks, which is very lively.

A large insurance institution internally predicted that the trend of global capital flows to emerging markets may lead to a round of fund-driven slow bull market in the A-share market. At the current point, they think it is an important opportunity for the layout on the left. In terms of industry configuration, they believe that the potential space of the technology sector is relatively larger. In addition, some large insurance institutions researchers said that they have also begun to increase their shareholdings in the blue-chip stocks. Insurance companies generally expressed caution about individual stocks that may not perform well in the semi-annual report.

According to the statistics of the Shanghai Stock Exchange, nearly 50 insurance institutions have actively participated in the new board. Among them, in addition to China Life Insurance Department, China Ping An Department, China Taibao Department and other large insurance institutions, there are many small and medium-sized insurance institutions such as 100-year life insurance, Soochow Life Insurance, Guolian Life Insurance, Zijin Property Insurance, Zheshang Property Insurance, and more than 10 insurance funds. Management company.

In fact, directly participating in the offline new game is only one of the ways in which insurance funds can participate in the new board. It is not difficult to find out from the statistics that many insurance funds have participated in the new board through the public fund products and securities asset management plans. According to incomplete statistics, nearly 50 insurance institutions appeared in the list of 25 listed companies that have been listed on the company, and they have been allocated nearly 170 million shares, with a total of about 2.1 billion yuan.

From the perspective of the amount allocated, the large insurance company is allocated a higher amount, which is not unrelated to the insurance company's own financial volume. It is worth mentioning that China Life and Xinhua Insurance have been awarded the China Pass as strategic investors.

From the perspective of participation enthusiasm, small and medium-sized insurance companies do not lose large insurance companies. In contrast, large insurance companies have more extensive channels to participate in the board, for example, they can use their insurance subsidiary product accounts, asset management company product accounts and other accounts to participate in the stock placement of the board.

Although the investment enthusiasm is high, from the current insurance funds to the amount of the shares of the company's stocks, the amount of the shares of the company's board is still small in the overall insurance capital investment.

The regulatory authorities have a strong attitude towards the insurance fund investment board. In early July this year,Liang Tao, vice chairman of the China Insurance Regulatory Commission, revealed at the "New Conference on Promoting the Effectiveness of the Measures for the Structural Reform of the Financial Supply Side" held by the State Council, the Bank of China Insurance Regulatory Commission supported the insurance funds to invest in the shares of listed companies, and through new share allotment and strategic issuance. Participate in the stock investment of Science and Technology Board and other methods, and further optimize the insurance asset allocation structure to serve the development of technology innovation enterprises.