"Troubleshooting + Stopping" supervision says no to onlin

Under the main tone of “anti-risk, strict supervision”, financial supervision has been continuously strengthened. The Shanghai Securities News reporter learned from relevant channels yesterday that the regulatory authorities issued a notice to the property and casualty insurance companies on July 22, requesting the immediate and comprehensive organization of the investigation and cooperation with the online loan platform such as cash loans to carry out accident insurance (hereinafter referred to as accident insurance) business. And immediately stop the above related business.

According to industry sources, the “inspection + stop” is aimed at further regulating the sales behavior of the accident insurance business of the property insurance company and effectively protecting the legitimate rights and interests of consumers.

Specifically, first of all, comprehensively organize business investigations. All property and casualty companies should immediately organize and investigate the cooperation with online lending platforms such as cash loans to carry out accident insurance business. Including: whether to carry out cooperation, the number of cooperation platform names, premium income, insurance amount, compensation situation, number of customers, etc.

After the investigation, it is necessary to thoroughly clean up the business in time. "According to regulatory requirements, from the date of issuance of the notice, all property and casualty companies should immediately stop selling accident insurance business through online lending platforms such as cash loans, close the relevant business management information system, and continuously monitor the network of cash loans that have stopped cooperation. Whether there is a private sales accident insurance situation on the loan platform, if it is found, it should be stopped immediately." A property insurance company told reporters.

In addition, property and casualty companies are strictly prohibited from relying on cash loan and other online loan platform sales accident insurance business to other insurance intermediary sales channels or company direct sales channels. It is strictly forbidden to entrust an illegal third-party Internet platform to sell accident insurance.

According to the requirements, all property and casualty companies must carefully and carefully do customer service, and assign special departments and personnel to take the initiative to do the publicity and explanation of the surviving customers and follow-up claims services to prevent the violation of consumer rights. .

At the same time, all property and casualty companies should comprehensively strengthen internal control management to prevent unscrupulous behavior such as compulsory tying and bundling. According to the requirements, if the property insurance company finds such problems in the sales channels such as the cooperation platform, it must immediately stop and stop the cooperation.

"According to the content of the notice, the property and casualty insurance company must conscientiously carry out self-inspection and clean-up work, and report the self-inspection and clean-up situation to the regulatory authorities within one month. For self-inspection and clean-up, the company that is not in place, The regulator said it would take further regulatory measures," the source told reporters.

to avoid the spread of riskIn the past two years, the regulatory authorities have been strictly regulating and supervising the business cooperation between insurance and online lending platforms. For example, the credit insurance business, an innovative insurance product that has been developed along with the development of commercial credit, has experienced explosive growth in recent years. However, with the increase of credit risk in related markets and related regions, the credits hidden behind this new type of insurance are related. The risks began to surface one by one. In this regard, the regulatory authorities continue to sound alarms to clarify that insurance companies are “what to do and what cannot be done” in operating such businesses, especially when it comes to the online loan platform credit insurance business and financing credit insurance business. clear".