The China Insurance Regulatory Commission ordered 20 propert

In order to further standardize the product development management behavior of property insurance companies, compact the company's product management main responsibility, improve the overall quality of the industry products, and effectively protect the legitimate rights and interests of insurance consumers, the Banking Insurance Regulatory Commission organized the second property insurance company filing product terms. The rate is off-site. In response to the problems found in the inspection, the Bank of China Insurance Regulatory Commission issued a decision on administrative supervision measures to 20 property insurance companies, ordered the company to immediately stop using the problem products, rectify within a time limit, and banned the declaration of new filing products for 11 companies with serious circumstances. Regulatory measures from month to month.

The Banking Regulatory Commission said that the property insurance company’s product inspections adhered to the problem-oriented and focused on the outstanding problems found in daily supervision. 1550 family property insurance, liability insurance and short-term for 20 property insurance companies. Health insurance products are fully inspected. Through inspections, it was found that some of the company's products have outstanding problems, mainly including the liability of the vehicle in the record-type products; the disability assessment standard that has been abolished in the short-term health insurance or liability insurance clause; the introduction of the long-term insurance concept in the short-term health insurance; The main insurance clause or rate of compensation medical insurance does not distinguish whether the insured has social security or the like; the floating conditions of the main insurance rate are not clearly stated. In addition, the company's products are also generally non-standard or flawed, mainly because the insurance clauses are not standardized, insurance clauses or insurance rates are not standardized, the filing form is filled out, product classification or information entry is flawed, text The expression is ambiguous.

In recent years, the Banking Regulatory Commission has continued to strengthen the supervision of property insurance products, strictly investigate the violations in the product field, and require property insurance companies to do the following three aspects: First, attach great importance to product management and earnestly The main responsibility of the product; second, check and find problems, take the initiative to clean up the product, clean up the problematic products and "zombie" products in a timely manner; third, develop insurance products in accordance with the law, strict product reporting and use management, strict Product legal review, actuarial review, and compliance review to ensure that problematic products do not go out of the company or enter the market.

The China Insurance Regulatory Commission said that the next step will closely follow the monitoring and rectification of the company's products and strengthen the use of product inspection results; continue to carry out product inspections in an in-depth manner to achieve full coverage of all property insurance companies' product inspections; actively adopt various effective Product supervision measures to urge property insurance companies to improve product developmentQuality and overall level, better meet the people's insurance needs, and serve economic and social development.