"Let you eat with confidence"

[Gong Feng reporter Zhao Xiubin]

At the opening of the first China Agricultural Reclamation and Food Fair and Cultural Tourism Festival recently, many customers and exhibitors were attracted by the novel animation and promotional videos of the Sunshine Agricultural Insurance booth.

"The booths are delicious and fun. What is your product?" asked an aunt curiously. "We provide high-quality and healthy products to make you eat healthy; Sunshine Agricultural Insurance's product quality insurance provides insurance protection, so you can rest assured." Did not wait for the service staff to answer, just communicated with the company's exhibitors Wine exhibitors rushed to say. "In fact, Auntie and everyone in this venue are now our target of protection. The organizer of this conference has purchased a public liability insurance of 10 million yuan for the participants in the conference, so that you can eat with confidence. Have fun.” Sunshine agricultural insurance staff said with a smile.

At this exhibition, according to the insurance demand for the structural reform of the supply side of China's agricultural land, Sunshine Agricultural Insurance has developed a number of new products such as agricultural product safety liability insurance and domestic travel accident insurance, in the realization of Heilongjiang Reclamation Area. Rice, corn, soybean, wheat and other crop industry insurance, dairy cows, capable sows and other aquaculture insurance coverage, focus on the deep processing of agricultural and sideline products in Heilongjiang Reclamation, and build the national green and healthy kitchen development goals, research and development Insurance products provide comprehensive insurance coverage for the construction of “agricultural aircraft carrier” in Heilongjiang Reclamation Area.