Fujian Nanping Ping An Property and Casualty actively carrie

Recently, the climate in Fujian has changed, and heavy rainfall has occurred in many places. Heavy rains in some areas have caused intermittent traffic congestion and house damage, which seriously affects people's lives and production safety. In Shunchang County, Nanping City, Fujian Province, due to continuous heavy rains, the towns of Yangdun Township and Renshou Town were seriously affected. The first floor of most houses in the two places entered the water, the silt of every household was piled up, and the furniture and electrical appliances were seriously damaged. More than 20 bridges were destroyed by the flood. Washed out, more than 80 houses collapsed. After the flood, the wreckage was broken and devastated. Ping An Property & Casualty Nanping Center Branch joined the Weibei Interactive Volunteer Association to enter the disaster-stricken areas to carry out the “Flood, Peaceful and Love” love rescue activities.

On the day of the event, Ping An Property Insurance Nanping Zhongzhi staff and more than 10 volunteers from the Jibei Interactive Volunteers Association had been busy for more than two hours and went to the warehouses of Ma Station and New Bridge. Rescue supplies are loaded onto the bus. After an hour and a half, at 11:00, we arrived at the Renshou Town Government Disaster Relief Point. Under the arrangement of the Renshou Town Government staff, all the relief materials were discharged to the designated warehouse. The donation, the materials donated by the Ping An Property Insurance Nanping Zhongzhi to Renshou Town and Yangdun Township are mainly daily necessities, helping the local people to resume production and life as soon as possible.

The staff of the Renshou Town Government Disaster Relief Point said that thanks to the active assistance of Ping An Property Insurance Nanping Zhongzhi, the town government will distribute the materials on behalf of the donated enterprises to the hard-hit households in need of assistance and represent the affected households. Thanks to the selfless help of the company and the volunteers.