"New 11" unpacking: 4 relat

As China accelerates the opening of the capital market at a high level, the financial industry will open its doors in more segments. As an increase, fo Read more

Banking Insurance Regulatory Co

At present, at least 12 insurance companies cooperate with the cash loan platform to tie up accident insurance On July 23, the financial news center of Read more

The transfer of Wanda Informati

After a lapse of one month, China Life Holdings Wanda Information suddenly had an "accident." On the afternoon of July 23, Wanda Information released a Read more

Supervision of "encirclement

"Dear friends, can you recommend a few colleagues from the insurance company to send me a message? Online, etc., very anxious!" Governing the auto insu Read more

The China Insurance Regulatory

On July 23, the Banking Regulatory Commission issued a document stating that in order to further standardize the product development management behavio Read more

In the first half of the year,

Recently, the New Third Board listed company Zhongcheng Auto Insurance Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Zhongcheng Insurance”, 835987.OC) rel Read more