"New 11" unpacking: 4 relat

As China accelerates the opening of the capital market at a high level, the financial industry will open its doors in more segments. As an increase, fo Read more

The chief lawyer of the Banking

On July 20, Liu Fushou, chief lawyer of the China Insurance Regulatory Commission, said at the 2019 China Asset Management Annual Meeting that in the f Read more

The Ministry of Finance is maki

State-owned capital transfer social security fund reform is pressing the accelerator. A few days ago, Lu Qingping, director of the Asset Management Dep Read more

Banking Regulatory Commission:

The State Council Finance Committee announced on the 20th a series of policy measures to further open the financial industry. The spokesperson of the C Read more

Duan Guosheng, President of the

At the "2019 China Asset Management Annual Meeting" held today, Duan Guosheng, president of China Insurance Asset Management Association, said that the Read more